Our Practice

Welcome to the practice of Dr Daniel Lane

Dr Daniel Lane is a highly respected general orthopaedic surgeon on the Sunshine Coast.

Our practice is based at Lake Kawana Specialist Centre located below the Kawana Private Hospital, 6/5 Innovation Parkway, Birtinya. Dr Lane operates at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital in Buderim as well as the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital and Lake Kawana Hospital, both in Birtinya.

Dr Lane is an Australia trained surgeon has been practicing for almost 25 years. Although the Sunshine Coast is a regional centre, our patients can expect the same level of care that is available at any centre. For this purpose, Dr Lane continues his ongoing education to offer the latest surgical techniques to his patients. Management decisions are made using appropriate scientific evidence-based, data and not following the current trends of the day. This leads to the best possible patient outcomes.

Dr Lane believes that good communication with his patients will lead to a better outcome. He will explain your condition in words that you can understand and answers any questions you may have. He works closely with The General Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Podiatrists and other allied health care workers to ensure the best possible outcome and recovery for his patients.

Our Practice emphasises guidance and care throughout our surgical procedures.

For patients requiring a surgical procedure, Dr Lane and our experienced office staff will guide them through the process providing comprehensive information about the operation. This will include educational leaflets about the proposed surgery, out of pocket costs and information about the hospital admission.

It is an important decision to undergo surgery. Patients are not hurried or pressured to make any decisions regarding surgery and are encouraged to speak to friends and family and return for further consultation before booking their operation.

At your first appointment, you are required to provide a referral from your GP or specialist along with any x-rays, reports or anything else relevant to your appointment.